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ENTERTAINMENT – What do you consider entertaining?

What is Entertainment actually?

My Webster’s dictionary describes entertainment as anything from a leisure activity, a pursuit of amusement, an enjoyable hobby, leisure time, a riveting distraction or simply a diversion.

Entertainment can be a source of laughter, enjoyment, delight, fun and pleasure when the entertainment is geared towards being lighthearted.


Or it could be relaxing if you are being entertained by soft music and a soothing massage.

Entertainment could also be dramatic and possibly heart rending as in an entertaining but sad movie.

My pleasures are many and so varied and a good number of them are homey ones.  Things like devouring a book nestled in the ‘sweet spot’ of a comfy chair, dancing in the kitchen as dinner simmers, enjoying the sedate excitements of domesticity.  Just the mere feeling of Milorne’s strong warm hand on my back entertains me.

I am easily entertained by watching the sun rise or by reveling in the luxury of a good book while relaxing in bed with the enticing smell of coffee wafting in the air.  I am thoroughly entertained while meandering through the library entranced by the scent and symmetry of rows of orderly books.

While hiking with friends or kayaking early in the morning when the water is smooth as glass I am thoroughly entertained!  Or while biking along a tree lined trail where the boughs overlap and provide a canopy tunnel or when visiting and laughing with friends. My entertainment is as full as the first sip of wine on a sunny deck overlooking the shore.


The kid’s performances, cartwheels on the grass, a fast paced live hockey game are a whole other level of entertainment.

All humble delights and yet greatly entertaining…

How are you entertained?


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