MY BlackCrowCurios Etsy Shop

I recently opened an Etsy Store and I am having an unbelievable amount of fun with it.

Etsy Shop Link:

The downside is that it is taking up a great chunk of my time and I am discovering that too many hours at the computer is not such a great thing for back, bum and eyes which begin straining and complaining to move away, go outside, jump, walk anything but sit at a screen editing listings, interacting in the discussions, checking and rechecking tags and titles, looking over the stats, (why are my views so low?) and brainstorming marketing ideas.

Then ‘HELLO’ I receive my first Etsy Transaction Note for an order and a following email from Paypal stating that an item has been paid for and can now be shipped and all pains and strains melt away in the delerium of a sale!

So much fun and so additive!

To create something out of reclaimed wood or repurposed items and have a Buyer like it enough to purchase it, is so gratifying and motivates me to keep on creating!

Visit my online Etsy shop called BlackCrowCurios at:

Reclaimed Barn Window Mirror Reclaimed Barn Window Mirror

Reclaimed Barn Windows, Folk Art and Driftwood Home Decor
Etsy Shop Link:

When the big storm of 98′ took down our friends barn in the Cowichan Valley, I recovered a  barn window from the collapsed building.  I knocked out the remaining glass, removed the old putty, repainted the frame and added squares of mirror.  I gave it back to my friend as a memory of her old barn and she was delighted with it!  From there the inspiration of creating other Barn Window Mirrors began.

I’ve always enjoyed the creative process and using reclaimed wood for Folk Art satisfies my need to be creative.  I enjoy taking reclaimed wood, cutting, painting and repurposing it as something whimsical, fun and playful.

Living by the sea offers me a fresh ‘crop’ of driftwood daily to use in the making of driftwood boats, driftwood coat hangars and signs and are such fun to create, and of course it’s very gratifying if others enjoy them as well!

Etsy Shop Link:


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